Friday, June 7, 2013

Stepped Out on Faith

Hi Beautiful People…I’ve missed you,
Stepped Out to have a Good Time!!

It’s been awhile but there’s good reason for my absence!
I had to step out on Faith and make a decision about my future
 that is ultimately what’s best for me!
I found 2 Quotes that describe how I feel perfectly right now
from –
“Be what you WANT to be NOT what OTHERS want to SEE”
“GOD always leads us to where we need to be, not where we want to be”
Book Signing with Mrs. Niecy Nash!
I finally believe it’s time for me to pursue a different avenue in my career!
I have always been and always will be proud to be a Social Worker....MSW for Life!!
 Lord knows I’m still paying for this damn student loan, Lol.
So I am a little scared and anxious as to what my future holds but at the same time excited because I was finally able to release it and put it in God’s hands.
So in a couple of weeks I will provide you with an update on my exciting future!!
Happy 12th Birthday to my niece Miss Kamille!
Unfortunately, I haven’t had much luck on any “love connections”
but I know that will happen in due time!
Sidebar - Please note that if I mentioned meeting a guy in a previous blog and you haven’t heard  anything else about him in any future blogs….uh that means “no bueno”, lol.  
In the meantime, I definitely have some summer shenanigans to get into
so stay tuned I am on a mission to Get My Life back.
Please believe the Adventures of SingleNFabulous are inevitable and must go on!!
I will keep you posted Fab followers…Smooches!

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