Friday, May 10, 2013

Let the Summer Begin with Jazz!

Hi Beautiful People,

 I can't wait for Summer to Officially Begin !!

Welcome to the Adventures of Sheda and Timi in Las Vegas.

Wheel of Fortune my Favorite  Slot machine!
 Okay so we’ve been looking forward to this Vegas Weekend Vacation for awhile. Neither one of us have been to the City of Lights Jazz and R&B Festival and because we did not have a frame of reference as to how to plan this trip“naturally” it started off a little “rough”. I love to plan my getaways but this trip completely threw me for a Loop. Trial and Error people that’s what this was. Hindsight is 20/20…you always know what to do once you look back on what you did wrong.
Saturday– We arrive in The Vegas!
My first mistake was putting my trust in the City of Lights Jazzand R&B Festival website! Never Again!  They recommended 3 different hotels (that I thought were at least in downtown Las Vegas) and I booked a hotel room for us that we found out later was located in Timbuktu. Even the taxi driver was like, “I don’t know where this hotel is.” Now that’s a damn shame! If I tell you the name I will have to kill you! I refuse to even admit that I even slept in that hotel room for 1 night. We were so far away from the strip we couldn’t even go out and enjoy our Saturday night. In an attempt to salvage the night I tried to make plans with a guy friend I knew who was out there for the jazz festival too, but that night I didn’t get a follow-up phone call until 2:30am, Really??? Uh yeah, by that time my ass was completely depressed about my hotel arrangements and I fell asleep as I had no damn good reason to be awake. There were only three things "decent" about that anonymous hotel – the 99 cent margaritas, our Blackjack dealer who will be affectionately known as “T” since we couldn’t pronounce her name, who taught us how to play 21 and most importantly, the shower head in the bathroom that had the best water pressure, LOL. Other than that….Timi and I are taking this experience to the grave with us…it was that BAD! I immediately had to redeem myself, because I have a reputation to uphold, and booked a room at Excalibur Hotel for our remaining time in Vegas. There was no way in HELL we were spending more than one night at the Bates Motel.
Sunday – City of Lights R&B and Jazz Festival

Timika & I
@ The Jazz Festival

After a stop at the Walmart to buy some lawn chairs for the festival we arrived only to stand in a long line to enter the venue, but it wasn’t too bad and it was moving in a timely fashion. Come to find out it was because they don’t search all up and through your coolers because they allow you to bring "your own food and alcoholic beverages” into the festival. If I would have known that I would have made different arrangements. Now I know better for next year. From this point on it was Timi's "positivity", from the moment we arrived at the Jazz festival that made everything else that weekend work in our favor. The Jazz Artist Line-up was GREAT – I love me some Anthony David – he opened up the show and was a good opening act, then Mint Condition came out and did there thing and Ledisi put on a great show with her bangin vocals and red stilettos. Of course they had to bring it on home with Will Downing and Stephanie Mills.

Sidebar - Besides the bottom of my dress and sandaled feet collecting dirt before I even walked into the festival ( I looked like a cute homeless woman from the ankles on down, LOL)…
I had a Fabulous Time at the Jazz festival.

After the Jazz Festival - Timi's cousin and his wife saved us from that godforsaken hotel and casino in Timbuktu. We gathered our belonging immediately so we could check out the room ASAP, but of course we couldn’t leave fast enough without some shit going down…sSme fool driving a white car like he’s running from the police, speeds through the street and hits the center divider only to end up turned around backwards, he then straightens up and then speeds through our hotel parking lot while we are putting our luggage in the trunk. You know all the women ducked down behind the trunk of the car to make sure we weren’t about to be victims of a “Vegas drive by shooting” LOL. If I was going to go out in a "blaze of glory" I might as well be back home in LA where I know how to "duck and dodge." We got the hell up out of there quick, fast and in a hurry!
Sunday Night –
We checked in to Excalibur and I only have one word,“Ahhhhhhhhh”. Queen beds, flat screen television, a bathroom with the sink on the inside (not outside in the hallway entrance of the bedroom…don’t ask). Our spirits were lifted and it was time to get out and have some fun. Went out to eat but there was really no particular place to go where we could enjoy ourselves. I tried to meet up with that same guy friend from Saturday on Sunday night... but then I didn’t get a phone call until 4:30am, REALLY!!! Do you see a pattern people??? I had to rip him a new one and leave that situation alone. I’m tired of the excuses, I’m over it. I’m not putting any extra effort into anyone else!! You want some…then you come get some!!! LOL (Kee knows what movie this came from, HA!). Needless to say, no partying on Sunday night! I wish my boy Dana would have went...I wouldn't have had this problem!!

Monday Afternoon –

My new favorite Michael Kors
Rose Gold obsession!
You can’t go to Vegas without going shopping at the Outlets. Breakfast 2 Go at Starbucks and Cinnabon and on to the Premium Las Vegas Premium Outlet Mall North, Let’s Do this Man!!! We had to save some money because taking a taxi is a rip off in Vegas, $8 bus pass for 24 hours. Public Transportation was cooler than I thought…it’s Vegas! After spending extremely too many hours at the Outlet because we insisted on going into damn near every store there, we headed back to the hotel to get ready for a Girl’s Night Out FINALLY!

Ladies Night Out -

Doesn't he look like the guy from
The Hang Over, LOL
Dressed Fresh to Def we got into LAX Night CLUB for FREE and just our luck we met some French guys from Paris that couldn’t speak any English but loved them some black women!!! As long as you can dance on beat we have no problem…until due to some miscommunication…one of them thought we were prostitutes…we became black girl mad (insulted) and that was our cue to exit the club stage Left! WTF??? Overall, we had a pretty cool night. And the guy in the pic to the Right was Hilarious! I love white people who are clueless to the fact that they can't dance but have fun doing it!!! We drank, we danced, we got in for FREE…what more can you ask for!

Tuesday Afternoon –
We're Going Going, Back Back to Cali! Cali!

I love my LA cap, LA leggings and white Nike dunks!

Breakfast at American Café was not much to write home about. The server was cool, however our breakfast took too long to be delivered and left us pressed for time to get to the airport. In addition, our meal selection was not that great! Timi complained and Breakfast was Free! Woo Woo. Reppin LA in Vegas I was good and comfortable on the notorious Southwest Airlines flight back home

I had a Great mini-Vacation with my buddy Timi and enjoyed every minute away from that crazy job of mine...too bad I didn't meet any cool guys to hangout with...but no worries...there's always next time!

The Adventures of SingleNFabulous must go let the Sexy Summer Begin!!!
Stay Tuned for more Fun in the Sun!!!

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