Sunday, April 7, 2013

All White Party

Hi Beautiful People,

Finally I get a chance to sit down and write this edition of my Blog but unfortunately it happened as a result of me being hit with the stomach flu and back to back migraines. I've been confined to my bed for 3 days (sad face). Every time I get sick I am constantly reminded that I am not as young as I use to be, lol, because I DO NOT bounce back like I did back in the day! Beautiful people (young and ageless)...hear me when I say do not take your life and health for granted! Make sure you go to the doctor on an annual basis, take your vitamins, eat as healthy as you possibly can, exercise and get plenty of rest. As you get older your body will thank you, LOL. I'm definitely not trying to go backwards but it's much harder to get back what you lost so definitely "take care of yourself".
You've heard the saying, "I wish I would have known then what I know now." Well I'm telling you No excuses! I'm still on my weight loss journey and there are times when I fall off, loose sight of my goal, get discouraged, feel depressed and I feel like things are out of my control but then I put God back in control. I look to my friends and family that motivate me and support me and I get right back on track!! It's going to take me some time but I will get there!!

Happy Birthday Tenisha!
Prior to my untimely bed rest (smiley face) I had the pleasure of attending one of THE coolest All White Birthday Party's hosted by my girl Miss Tenisha representing the Aries ladies in the Month of March. Tenisha has a reputation of hosting The Best parties so you know this yacht party had to be "off the hook". In the past, I didn't always get to attend her parties because of my crazy work schedule, which all of us know is still preventing me from doing everything I want to do, but I definitely had to make arrangements to attend this party! It was the perfect way to end the month of March/My Birthday month.

All White Dress from Philthy Ragz (of course!) - Check
Now this outfit I've worn once before but it was not appreciated at the party I went to as it involved a lot of ratchetness and was a waste of my night and outfit. So naturally I had to break this outfit back out again!!

Gold Stilettos from Sheik Shoes - Check
I had to break these bad boys out again as I've only worn them once at my Brother Bruce's 30th Bday Celebration outfit.

Sweating out my Damn Hair by the end of the Night because I was dancing with the Birthday Girl Tenisha on the Tiki Too Boat - PRICELESS!!

Was I Overdressed, Probably!

            Did I care...Hell No, LOL.

                        Why? Because my job is to "Do Me" and
                                    Love everyone else for "Doing Them"!

The party was so much Freakin Fun!!! There was food, free drinks, great friends, a bangin DJ and 3 hours of non-stop partying out on the water!!

Sidebar - Please note that it is okay to re-wear an outfit, shoes and/or jewelry. What's the point of buying it if you can't rock it multiple times?? Hello, it's called Fashion!!!

We Rocked the Boat (R.I.P. Aaliyah) as the sun set...The Birthday Party continued on dry land at dusk @ The El Torito in Marina del Rey with a whole bunch of drunk and tipsy people. It was Hilarious!

Thank you to Everyone who came out and supported Tenisha for her Birthday
Thank You Tenisha for throwing such a GREAT Party !!!

 The Adventures of SingleNFabulous must go on as there is so much more to Come!!!
Stay Tuned...In the meantime, Smooches!!!

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  1. Being in the mental health and counseling field, we are constantly reminded about self-care. I just finishing reading my Daily Love blog that I follow and it was talking about how distractions can pull us from our calling. It was a moment of self awareness that put things in a cetain perspective for me because sometimes we are soo busy we dont realize how much time we spend on distractions, whether it is overly taking care of others, putting things off until tomorrow, drinking, etc etc. You have to take care of you first. RULE #1 in Law of Nature is SELF-PRESERVATION!