Friday, October 5, 2012

Family First !

Hi Beautiful People,

I am happy to report that I am enjoying my singlenfabulous life because I have no other choice, Lol. I'm loving my life and my family and that is enough for me right now.

I had a great time this weekend. It was mandatory that I take a day off of work to enjoy my puppy's 1st Birthday party.
Of course I ended up working the weekend anyway...are you surprised?!!! It was too much like right for me to think that I would actually get a "weekend off", SMDH. What can I say, I made the best of my weekend and had a great time!

Saturday morning I was up bright and early running errands and picking up last minute items for Bailey's Birthday Party at the Zoom Room in Culver City. I know this is not typical of any puppy parent but if you know me you know I have no children and Bailey is my "puppy child" :) I LOVE that little doggie! So of course my sister and I had to celebrate her 1st Birthday in style!

Birthday venue - check,

            Invitations mailed to Our friends and their doggies- check

                        iTunes playlist by Auntie Keesha - check,

                                    Bailey's yellow "Chewnel" tutu outfit - check,

                                                Mommy and Auntie matching outfits - check

                                                            Bailey having fun with her doggie friends -                                                                                                        PRICELESS!! 

I'd like to thank all of our closest friends - Meagan, Kirk and Nola; Keisha, Zoe, Zara and Cocoa (Bailey's sister); Caroline and Cassie and Bailey's favorite Uncle's Bruce & Davion - for coming out and bringing their dogs to enjoy the coolest puppy play date EVER :) planned by Yours Truly - Me!


Sunday morning the plan was to go to the LA County Fair with my younger sister and niece, however after all the puppy shenanigans from the night before I over slept. Thank goodness my sister texts me and says its going to be 102 degrees in Pomona and we are going to die a slow and horrible death in the sun if we go early, lol, so we changed our plans. A late Brunch at The Strand House in Manhattan beach, make sure we pick up my brother-in-law and then hit the LA County Fair "after-hours" when the sun isn't beaming down on us.

We had a blast! We played lots of games, won stuffed animals, ate delicious cheeseburgers and bought a whole bunch of stuff at the shopping centers. We can't wait to go back before it ends!!! 

No new prospects in the dating department as of yet so I continue to "do me" and try to have as much fun as possible when I have free time! 

The Adventures of SinglenFabulous must go on...Smooches!

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