Wednesday, August 22, 2012

You Never Know Until You Try!

Hey Beautiful People,
Throwback pic with my short cut!

Okay so I am officially irritated with the alleged “potentials”I met on and the market of men advertised on there.

Initially I was motivated -
It started with this one guy where we corresponded back and forth and I text him one weekend to ask him how he was doing and he responded. I wasn’t trying to hold a conversation but being thoughtful. I got one response, I then text him another question but did not get a response and then nothing after that. He could have called me because he had my number at that point or he could have asked me not to text him but to call him instead and I would have been fine with that…everyone has their preference but Nothing???? I haven’t heard from him since. Was that not an invitation once I text him? He now has my number?! Must I spell it out. I’m not completely done with him and I guess I can email him and ask him what his preference is but I don’t feel I’m the one who should contact him as I initiated the conversation outside of the emails. I will keep you posted on my decision…

Then there is this other guy. He does nothing but text me??? I had to check him because he kept texting me 4 times in the same day “a random hello, hope your day is good, hi, happy face…etc. Mind you I had a busy day and did not have time to respond but he’s still texting me. I had to let him know that texting me at 7am is not the business and if I don’t respond to the first text don’t send me 3 more…assume I’m busy! To cushion the “blow” because I know I can be “blunt at times” :)  I invited him to call me so we can have a “live phone conversation” but no he’s still texting me. And guys wonder why this is a turn off!!! On top of that when I respond to his text it feels like he’s not even reading it because he then sends another text (same day or on another day) saying some other random thought. He has yet to get on the phone and have a “real” conversation with me. I’m in my right mind to stop texting him all together and see if he picks up the phone to TALK. If not, it’s his LOSS!

The other guy that lives in Compton, has a cool job and had good conversation and seemed interested.... I gave him my phone number and he hasn’t called. Really? What was the point to us conversing via email if there is no “follow through”. I thought I was not suppose to be the assertive one in this case??? Lord I am too through. I feel like this is a waste of time and money!

My friend already told me I need to be on Plenty of Phish (it’s Free). If I’m paying for a Matchmaking Site and I’m not getting any decent men that are willing to step up I will have to save my money and venture back to my old school principals “meet your crazy butt live and in-person”and least then I can cut through the bull shit quickly! August is my last month on some things better change or I will have to invest my money elsewhere (like a new pair of shoes)!

The Adventures of SingleNFabulous MUST go on....Smooches!

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