Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Online Dating...Why Not?!

OMG! Beautiful people,  I have to update you on my dating life!

My Black is Beautiful !

So I took a chance (on an unknown kid, lol - Clueless) and created my profile on Match.com. I left my options open as far as race and gave myself a 50 mile radius (because you and me both know I haven't had any luck within my neighboring cities). I've been getting matches in the city of Encino, Walnut, Sherman Oaks, Torrance, Compton, etc. These guys appear to be cool and I can decide on who I want to email based on how they describe themselves on their profile picture. You know I can spot a crazy a mile away!

I recently began corresponding with this 1 guy (retired fireman) and his profile information is right on point with what I'm looking for...however I need to have a few more conversations with him so I can get details on his expectations of a woman... so naturally you know I'm going to keep you posted :) I'm also not going to let this 1 guy be my only prospect...mama's on the prowl and always keeping my options open.

On the way back from D.C. I get another email from another match.com prospect. Only downfall right now is that he's 30 years old. I think I put my preference as 35 and older. You know I'm young at heart....but I ain't no cougar, Lol. He left his phone number and expressed his interest. It looks like we will have to have a conversation when I get back in town. Let me see what he's working with and/or have to offer and I will get back to you guys with an update.

Looks like I'm popular. Awwww wait a minute! I got an email from a brotha in Compton. He already told me he is gainfully employed and has been on the job for over 6 years. He enjoys outside activities, traveling, having a good time and companionship. He doesn't sound bad at all.
L.A. meets D.C.

Okay, so I went to No prospects... to talking to three guys right now, get em Sheda, Lol. I've been conversing (that's how you say that people - conversate is not a word, lol) with these gentlemen via email and the conversation has been pretty cool so far. Now I just have to figure out when is the right time to meet them in person (in a public place of course ;). You guys know that I don't have the best work schedule but I'm going to have to figure something out. Starbucks meet and greet, Lunch date and/or Taco Tuesday Happy Hour. This way I'm not wasting my time or their money, Lol.
By the next Blog I should have met at least one or two of these guys in person and I can give you the skinny on how the initial first impression went down. Remember what happened last time (Blog 4/4/11)...I refuse to give anybody a ride home...Again...that's just out the damn question!

Until next time...The Adventures of SingleNFabulous Continue...Smooches


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