Saturday, March 31, 2012

Do I Look Like a Groupie Chick to You?

Hey Beautiful People,
Aren’t you proud of me? Back to Back Blogs, LOL.
I Love my New Hair Color! Thank you Tanya & Mimi
Get a comfortable chair and a glass of wine because this Blog is going to have you falling out your chair!

You know I had to update my people on what happened with the alleged “NFL athlete”! This Blog is a Part II: follow-up to "Sunday Night with Chico DeBarge".

For those of you who don’t know I “investigate” for a living and have 7 years experience at doing a damn good job. When I tell you I tried to Google this man and to no avail have I been able to provide confirmation that he is really an athlete! The reason why I want confirmation is because it goes to HIS credibility. Do not claim you are something you are not. If you are a Realtor/Broker, Business man/Owner, CEO, or a Retired Athlete/Coach…whatever the case maybe…then claim that!

Here’s the Scenario:
Sunday Night - Met at the Game Sports Bar/Lounge. He introduced himself and offered to buy me a drink. Proceeded to say he wanted to take me out to dinner, take me shopping and buy me a house!
(In my mind - Confusion set in…You don’t even know me!)

Monday night – I received 8 picture text messages containing pictures of HIM, his money, him holding his money and his blinged-out watch! (In my mind - I’m not impressed , so I ignore the text…why are you sending these pics to a perfect stranger you just met?)

Tuesday morning – I receive a phone call from this fool at 8am…he doesn’t leave a message. In my book if you don’t leave a message you didn’t call and it wasn’t important, BAM! (In my mind - Is he out his damn mind?! I am not thinking about HIM at 8 in the morning!)

Wednesday morning – I receive 2 back to back text messages from this man. 8 more picture text messages of this fool and then another 9 more picture text messages. Him and his house, him and his black Bentley, him and his white Mercedes Benz, him and his black Mercedes Benz, him on the beach, him in his sweat suit, him in a after 5 suit…Lord please make it stop! (In my mind – I’m irritated now…HE is out of control.)
We have yet to have an actual conversation and I have endured All of The Above!!!!

It is now time for me to respond to this madness. I’m pretty sure every person would have handled this situation differently (in their own way) but if you known ME, I’m not one to sugar coat anything. I’m going to give it to you straight, no chaser! In addition, at this point I feel insulted because I feel like he’s trying to buy/bribe me with his material possessions and in my mind his approach is unacceptable. You’ve heard that it’s the 1st Impression that sets the tone, right?
I have to precede this story with a Disclaimer: Please note that this is just my opinion and perception of the situation. In no way does anyone have to agree with me! To follow is my "text conversation" with this man “verbatim” so that you can see how the conversation unfolds (I did not leave anything out as there was no need to, except for his fake identity, LOL). If I’m wrong I have no problem owning up to that and I’m always open to “constructive criticism” as I appreciate other people's perspective that are on the outside looking in. As I received great Comments on the last blog I wrote about “the man with no car who asked me to take him home after the date” (check the Blog Archives for that story J).
Please know that the conversation below contains “graphic language” LOL. So if you are easily offended by certain profanities…please STOP reading now!

For the rest of my SingleNFab Followers, “It’s about to Go Down!”:

Wednesday Afternoon: My first response to this man after he’s sent me a total of 25 picture messages (all via text):
ME: All these picture text messages are a "turn off". You need to come up with a better approach when courting a woman! I am not impressed with your material items.  Please delete my number.
HIM: Bitch I'm a millionaire NFL athlete stupid ho fuck I need to impress u for u confused.

(The Inglewood side of me came out at this point! I don't tolerate DISRESPECT!)
ME: Fuck u nigga if you all that why the hell you by yo damn self! Go to NFL player don't mean shit to ME! Go get yourself a groupie bitch, cuz I'm not the One!

HIM: Yes u are the one and I don't want a lady just a hot girl red bottom shoe diva
(I have officially diagnosed him Bi-Polar after this response!)

ME: (I ignored this last text and didn't respond)

Friday afternoon:

HIM: This is the NFL wide-receiver u met at GS. What size pants tops and shoes do u wear and do u prefer Louis vutton or Gucci handbags.

(Please note: Nothing is Free! He is going to want something in return and I ain't trying to give it, there is no Attraction whatsoever on my part). 

ME: Thank you for the offer but I'm only interested in finding my husband-to-be! I really hope you find a FUN female you can lavish with gifts that makes you happy with "no strings attached". Take care!

HIM: Husbands and wives don't grow on trees boo friendship then fellowship then engagement then marriage then romance keep up wit me I'm solid as a rock and over intelligent.

ME: I agree, but it is extremely clear to me that we both have a different way of pursuing the things we want!

HIM: Work wit me so that I can work with u towards a common goal be it marriage or whatever

ME: Not interested.

I hope this is the last I hear from this man. I’m soooo NOT interested in what he’s offering. We both would have known where each other stood if we would have just had that “initial conversation” that laid everything out on the table. In no way am I saying All men are like this and YES I am putting him on Blast as an Example of what NOT to do when trying to impress a female!

Thanks for listenening followers...I had to get that off my chest! ;)

The Adventures of SingleNFabulous MUST go on...especially if I have to continue to put up with this Tomfoolery! Smooches


  1. Good for you for standing up! It's refreshing to know that in these days and times there are still females who stand their ground and can not be bought. Your real King is on his way!

  2. As your friend, I feel like I can tell you the truth....That being sad you handled that NIGGA the way you were suppose to. If he has to flash and buy, then obviously he (a)is use to buying to get what he wants, that's the only way women will deal with his crazy ass, and (b)he must have a little dick which is why he has to buy you a lot of shit, cuz you won't be getting much of anything else from him..LOL!!! Way to go girl!!

  3. Thank you SocialButterfly for your support. I know of several strong women out there trying to hold it down and remain Genuine so I thought I'd share my experience with someone else and let others know WE quality women with morals and values do still exist :)

    LOL@Always a Lady, that's my girl keepin it real. We've always been on the same page! Thank you for your support lady! I know US good women are still on a mission to find that special one. I'm not going to let one bad apple spoil my Fun! Love u, Smooches

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  5. Hello There!

    I think the saddest part of all this is that this approach has obviously worked, which is why he continues to put it to use. I could totally see some woman who hasn't accomplished much in her lifetime, and is looking to be "saved", falling for someone like him. An accomplished woman, such as yourself, is unimpressed because you have your own. Again, I bet this has worked in the past and it is truly sad.

    Another thing is, to his credit, a lot women are looking for "ballers" and are waiting to be taken care of, therefore he has opted to play that part. I guess we can't be mad. He saw a need and decided to be the person to fulfill it. LOL!

    Your man is out there. You appear to be a woman morals, values, and high standards. Those women always get scooped up. I am sure he will find you soon. I look forward to reading your next entries.

  6. Wow I guess he thought you would be impress by his past career. Not! LoL If that's all he has to offer is what he used to be and the money in his pockets, no thanks. Good job you let him know what time it is and it's definitely not game time.

  7. My sister is not taking no mess nor is she settling for less!!! Great post!

  8. Wow... is this real life? Since you were not able to confirm he is indeed a real NFL player I'm going to assume he is not and futhermore evene if he was how in the heck does he think he's going to come at you all sideways calling you a B!tch..whoa. You handled it way better than me.

    Thanks for sharing!


  9. Omg this was hilarious! It's unbelievable that a grown man can act like that. And then have the nerve to tell you "Work wit me so that I can work with u towards a common goal be it marriage or whatever"! He's probably just living off a friend or relative that has all those things he's bragging about.
    You handled it so well though!
    Good luck in finding your husband-to-be!
    Love from Kenya,

  10. that was waaaay over the top. Just to pull his card i would have given him size and preference of handbag just to see what he would do next. talk is cheap. if you're gonna talk the talk you better be ready to walk that shit out!

  11. OMG! You had me laughing so hard my children asked what is wrong with me! This was the first time visiting your blog (by way of Major Must Haves) and I think you have a new follower.

    You were 100% correct in the manner in which you corrected the joke of a man. The pictures that he sent you of himself and all of his materialistic things just showed how shallow he was and the type of women he was use to dealing with.

    Kuddos to you sista for putting him in his place! Now I will go and read your archives but first I shall get me a glass of wine for I do feel this might be very entertaining!


  12. Thank you to all my current followers and the great encouraging comments you left! I knew I wasn't the only "genuine" sista left on this planet. Thank you to all my NEW followers and welcome to the party! I'm not always this entertaining but I try to make sure you experience the "madness" I call "my single life" and hope you can relate!

  13. I clicked on your post from Majormusthaves!!! WOW. I cannot believe a guy can clock out on a woman and attempt to curse her out in text all because he was rejected.

    ***still stunned****