Friday, May 4, 2012

Text Msgs vs. A Real Conversation

Hey Beautiful people,

Kirk & Meagen's Bridal Shower @ the Malibu Winery

Sorry for the delay but I had to rewrite this Post because something happened and I lost everything. I could have swore I saved everything but here I am re-doing it, again!

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A few weeks ago I went to the Pet Expo with my twin sis and puppy Bailey. This Expo is in Orange County for three days and Friday is the only day they allow you to bring your pet. I thought it would be a great day to get out in the sun and let Bailey run around with her fellow four-legged friends. It turned out to be a beautiful day and everyone was so friendly and nice. While hanging out at this Event browsing all the different Vendors and the products they had for sale I ran into a nice looking guy! In the process of talking about the "product" he was trying to sell me he asked for my phone number, Cool.

Mistake #1-
He sends me a text message instead of taking the time to pick up the phone and have an actual conversation!

Granted we've had very few basic text conversations prior to what you are going to read below.

Here's how the TEXT conversation went on 4/22/12:

Him: You got a curfew tonight
Me: Nope

In my mind - what kind of question is that...I'm grown!

Him: Maybe we should link up and make out, lol.
Me: Lol, where u trying to meet up?

In my mind - he's playing right? "make-out?"

Him: I'm still in Costa Mesa
Me: Ok hit me up later

In my mind: call me when you are closer to L.A we can meet somewhere.

Him: So u down to make out?
Me: U doing too much, I don't know you MAN!

In my mind: He is serious??? Really?? I just met your ass!

Him: Lol

In my mind: You're laughing but you really want to know if meeting up with me is going to be worth your time...WOW.

It's sad how I'm able to tell you guys verbatim how this conversation goes via text message. What happened to "talking"??? This is a total turn off for me. It's like "conversations" have become Extinct - null and void. You can not truly get to know someone by sending a 2 to 4 long ass text messages!

You think I've heard from that fool since...Nope! He was cute but he already had an Agenda and knew what he wanted and ASSUMED I was going to give it to him... but that nucca don't even know ME! That's the problem, No one wants to have a conversation anymore to get to know someone. Well I;m sure we've all concluded that he wasn't THE ONE, Lol.

Ladies...I refuse to settle so I guess it's On to the Next One! I'd rather be by my damn self than have to deal with the BS!

The Adventures of SingleNFabulous must continue... so on to Negril, Jamaica for a Wedding. 
Let's see if Stella can get her Groove Back, lol. 

Well I know I'm bringing Sexy Back while I'm out there.... 
but I AM NOT bringing a JAMAICAN Back, Lmao!


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  1. Make out???? Seriously?

    Check please! He's done.

    The dating game has changed so much. I think now hoodrats have made it so easy for these guys that when they meet good women, they don't know how to act.