Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Birthday Shenanigans

Hey Beautiful people,
I'm so happy to report that the Birthday Festivities have finally passed...and We had a Blast!
Last minute birthday function planned at Zen Lounge in Hermosa Beach, thanks Taunya for the idea!

The Twins celebrated their Birthday in style, of course, in the "Owner's booth" with all our family and friends, thanks to our promoter Vince. Appetizers were cool, drinks were flowing and the music was cool...now the DJ could have been better but my twin sis Kee wasn't on the 1s and 2s (her iPod with all the classic hits) so we had to make it do what it do!
You know my Twin Sis and I had to represent in Philthy Ragz originals as I couldn't see myself celebrating our annual "grown and sexy" without the perfect ensemble. Please know that I caught hell from my Twin because she did not want to "go all out" however I have to say that my Kee pulls it together when it's crunch time! I loved her Sheik Punk Rock Kat Von D Fuschia Swag. Thanks Keesha for doing your sisters (Me and Nessa) make-up for the party, those faces were "beat".
Resheda, Vanessa and Keesha "The Patterson Women"
Unfortunately, I didn't see any "potentials" in the club that night but that's okay I had a good time with my people anyway. Shout out to all my friends that were able to come out and celebrate our birthday with us: fam bam - Vanessa and Courtney, brothers - Bruce and Davion, Nikole and Tai, Kirk and Meagan, Jose, Dana K., Keisha and Andre, Ashley, Samantha and friends, Caroline, Jamara, Patty, Bridget and her sister, and my girl Sharinna (whose also has a March birthday the day before the twins).

Birthday Fun - Part 2
March 20th is our actual birthdate and we had to go out to Crustacean's Restaurant in Beverly Hills with our college girl friend Devona who also had a birthday on March 12th. As expensive as that food was it was completely worth it...DELICIOUS...garlic noodles to die for! :)

I'm still on a mission so you know the Adventures of Single N Fabulous will continue...Smooches!

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