Friday, January 20, 2012

Taco Tuesday...Finally!

Hey Beautiful People,

I finally got the chance to go to Taco Tuesday earlier this week.
We were celebrating my girl Bridget’s Birthday!

Sharinna on the left and Bridget on the right!

I got a text from my girl Sharinna saying meet up at the Savoy in Inglewood on Tuesday for 2 for 1 drink’s and $1 tacos from 6pm to 8pm. That sounded like a plan because I’ve been trying to get to Taco Tuesday ever since I started this new work schedule! Now everyone who knows me (and reads this blog) knows that I am not a fan of the Savoy. Sorry but it’s not my type of crowd, ya’ll know they a little bit Older up in that camp. But for a “special occasion” my friend’s birthday party I felt inclined to go! Besides what’s the worst that could happen…LOL. Well thank goodness nothing bad happened…..outside of 2 guys my daddy’s age trying to ask me to dance.

One reserved table was already taken care of but we needed a little bit more room for our Ego’s (because We Like To Party), so our boy Carl was able to work his “hood magic” (lol) and “steal” a table so that ALL the Ladies were able to sit together and enjoy the night.
Sidebar- every sitting area in the Savoy was “Reserved”. If you weren’t there for a party there was no place for a person to sit down, you were forced to stand L boo, not cool (it wasn’t like that before, when I last went ages ago:) but when there is a way to get over on the Inglewood locals who support your establishment so you can make an extra dolla??… (dripping sarcasm)…don’t be surprised. Okay so I got over that pet peeve quickly.

I have to give it to the Savoy: great old school music, delicious tacos and drinks for $5’s forced me to have a GOOD TIME! Now granted, someone was at home MAD at me because she was home babysitting my “puppy” but mama was trying to enjoy herself a little bit longer so we headed over to The Game Sports Bar and Grill, also in Inglewood, to switch it up. We all know I don’t get out much anymore so I was trying to take advantage of every minute!

Alright, Alright, Alriiiiiiight! Now this crowd was an improvement to my standards. Closer to my age, with some swag, real friendly and not afraid to compliment a sister. I only stayed for a brief period of time but I was impressed by the music, karaoke and nice looking guys. I look forward to going back to The GAME with one stipulation: We (the ladies) must get there right when Taco Tuesday- Happy Hour starts so we can get good seats, commence to flirt and shut that bad boy down! That includes my Adventures for Tuesday night but stay tuned...

Celebrating Bruce's Dirty 30th Birthday this weekend…more  FUN to come!Until next time…
The Adventures Continue! Smooches

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