Monday, January 23, 2012

A Black & White Affair…Happy Birthday Bruce!

Hey Beautiful people,

I have two Blog posts in one week…aren’t you proud of me! ;) Well I am happy to report that I had a great week!
I’m soooo excited to tell you about my Saturday night as I took off work to attend this event. My sister and I have been looking forward to this Elegant Birthday Celebration for months and it finally took place last night!
Welcome to “The Dirty 30’s” Bruce Elijah Gaines.
Resheda & Ricky Rozay, lol
To give you a brief history I met Bruce at Bally’s Fitness in hip hop class when he was in his mere 20’s. When I tell you he could “pop, lock and drop it” better than me I was floored and knew I was getting too old for this shit, lol. But as a result we became friends and he has been my younger brother from another mother ever since. Every year we celebrate our birthdays and it is mandatory that we attend each other’s events! For 2012, Bruce’s goal was to “Set It Off”. My sister and I received a tri-fold invitation in the mail that looked like someone was getting married, lol. We were instructed to RSVP and from the looks of the invite come with class and style to an address located in Beverly Hills.
Now, I love to dress up and attend a great party…therefore my mission was to get a dress that represented ME…and make my brother proud! One of many things my brother and I have in common is that we love to go shopping and we have great taste in clothes! I had a few boutique stores in mind but they HAD to meet 3 criteria’s: have the style of dress I’m looking for, have reasonable prices and be able to cover these thick thighs ;) My first stop was Philthy Ragz in Inglewood, CA. This husband and wife team made me feel comfortable and immediately provided me with several dresses, but only 1 met the criteria for the
Black and White Birthday theme.

Once I tried the dress on I was In Love and it was a done deal.

My little black dress!
Don’t sleep on this boutique shop I will be going back! I already had my blinged out stiletto shoes and now I have my dress! Now all I needed were accessories! Saturday I was on a mission…after going to Del Amo Mall with no luck and then South Bay Galleria it came down to the wire and the newly remodeled Forever 21 possessed the necklace and earrings perfect for my outfit!

Back out baby!
So I get home around 5pm and start panicking…maybe I’m doing too much…what if I’m overdressed…maybe I should try to wear something different, a little bit more casual…my sister tried to talk some sense into me but it didn’t work we started pulling items from my closet trying to put more casual outfits together... It didn’t work. I came full circle and decided… oh what the hell, I bought the dress I might as well wear it…it is sooo ME, I have to represent! Of course my sister gave me the "I told you so look...Now we are running late...Get dressed already!"
I love my stilettos!
My sister made our ensembles complete by “beating our faces” (aka – doing flawless make-up) and having us both wear fur coats!

Upon arriving at the venue Sfixio Restaurant in Beverly Hills we were greeted by paparazzi for Red Carpet photos, we were escorted to our VIP table upstairs on the balcony, the Birthday Man made his grand entrance in his internationally custom made Red pea coat with exaggerated lapels, we proceeded to enjoy a 4 course meal with music playing in the background and enjoyed his a delicious cake from Hansens.

Sidebar- Oh did I mention by brother has his MSW degree, is a hustla working 2 to 3 jobs and as a result was Ballin out of control for his birthday: He rented out the venue, the Dinner was included and there was an Open Bar! Winning!

Bruce's Delicious cake!
The event was FLAWLESS! It was my pleasure to be a special guest at
Bruce’s 30th Birthday Celebration. Love you Brother!
Until next time…The Adventures of Single and Fabulous continue…Smooches!


  1. You and your sister looked absolutely gorgeous!! Thank you for keeping it Philthy!!!