Wednesday, January 4, 2012

NYE 2012

Hi Beautiful people,

Happy New Year! 2012 is here and in full effect. Unfortunately, I was working on New Year’s Eve. However my co-worker and I were optimistic that it would be a slow night and we planned to go out afterwards.
I had two options: a short black dress with criss-cross back out or long maroon one shoulder dress with bling’d out open toe stilettos.
My new favorite pair of shoes...My Cinderella stilettos!

Of course the night was active and we were working hard. A lot of people didn’t show up for work (I can’t stand inconsiderate people) and we ended up working longer than we expected. My only alternative was to post Happy New Year on Facebook and head back to the office.
I still had hope and I wanted to think that maybe I could get out of the office by 1:30am dressed to the nine. So I brought  my “chosen” outfit and my packed tote bag into the office…Uh No. I found out my co-worker was still working on a more difficult case and both of us didn’t leave the office until 3:30am. No NYE celebration for us!

I sacrificed yesterday night only to be ready to celebrate NYE 2013 next year, as the holiday will fall on my “off days” J…. I had to turn this negative into a positive!
I’m sooo looking forward to this new year because there are several upcoming events I am preparing to attend and I am motivated to make some changes in my life. . I feel “So Fresh”! So naturally I need a new “Look” to match my new attitude. New hairdo…coming soon ;)

I see nothing but positive things in my future so let the Fun begin!

Stay tuned as The Adventures continue….Smooches!