Friday, January 22, 2016

Trust Your Gut

Hi Beautiful People,

I am happy to report that 2016 has gotten off to a good start for me:
*I made my Vision Board
*I made My Goals Plan
*I bought 2 books to increase my knowledge and help keep me motivated and accountable.
*...and I'm doing a 30 Day Detox plan by JJ Smith that is educating me on how to eat healthier, the benefits of Green Smoothies and breaks down what supplements to take that is good for the body.

Anywho...Lets get to the good stuff...

This past 3 day weekend was in celebration of  Martin Luther King, Jr. and it just so happened that I made plans to go out Friday and Sunday, so I could get out to Mix & Mingle.

2 Guys & A Girl...Out on Friday night.
The original plan was to meet some friends at an HBCU Social Event at H.O.M.E. Restaurant but my guy friends gave me a heads up that the crowd was "too young" and it was too crowded. I should have known... So the guys made the executive decision to find another local hangout spot nearby. I was in it to win it, hair done, make up done and cute!

My first thought when writing this blog was, in hindsight, I should have snap chatted (singlenfabla)some of my Friday night adventures but #1- I forgot (because I was having such a good time!) and #2- our destination ended up being a more intimate setting than originally planned Nic's Beverly Hills. Also, I wanted to be respectful of the men who were accompanying me for the night. I believe there is a time and a place for everything and this setting just wasn't the appropriate place for it. Also, I don't want to get to the point where I'm so consumed in putting everything on social media that I don't enjoy myself or the people I'm with.

While hanging out with 2 "great guys" (one married, one single) they gave me great advice and suggestions on what I should do differently when in pursuit of "the One"! I learned that my social circle needs to expand, I need to get out more and be more strategic on when I make plans to go somewhere. Reflect on what my purpose is...and what drives me?! Take the time to volunteer and give back to a cause that I have a passion for. As these things fall into place eventually I will meet someone! And when I do meet someone I must define my relationship with them. Are we just friends, dating or exclusive?? No grey areas I'm too old for that shit (been there done that)! Great conversation with Great people will always be PRICELESS!

I had a good time hanging out with the guys, as they were very respectful and chivalrous in my
presence. The closest I got to meeting someone that night was a "sugar daddy" named R.E. Martin (cool white guy) from New York who kept me laughing and "clutching my pearls" with his crass humor. If you don't know what "crass" means look it up, LOL.
Saturday was cool and I focused on running my errands and having a relaxing day.

Sunday Day Party @ Tiffany's On Vine
I saw a last minute post of a friend of mine having her Birthday Celebration at this venue on Sunday. So I called my girl Rhonda because we had just talked about hanging out together so we could catch up on whose personal life sucks the worst, lol (I think I won). So we met up at the day party, gave Jamara some Birthday love and we hung out at the bar. This venue seemed like a pretty cool spot but what we didn't know is that the real fun didn't start until the sun set (we arrived at about 3pm) but we know better for next time! Unfortunately we didn't see a whole lot of "eye candy" and we didn't get a chance to strike up a conversation with any interesting guys. So we left around 6pm, but not before somebodies "uncle" sent Rhonda a drink at the bar! (insert emoji with the eyes wide open, lol) It was a nice gesture but he was out of place and wasn't exactly in our age category. Rhonda was polite and acknowledged him and then we disappeared quick fast and in a hurry. Honestly we were just happy to get out the house and hang out for a couple of hours. The DJ was real cool though and I think we will plan to go back to check it out again in a few weeks! But right now our mission is to find some other popular places we can go to see what shenanigans we can get ourselves into!
Now technically I was off on Monday because of the Holiday and I sort of made plans to meet this guy I met online later that evening.

Rewind - About 2 weeks ago I signed up for online dating on the OKcupid website on a whim because one of my co-workers told me that they match you based on the questions you answer. So that actually sounded appealing to me because I wanted to weed through the ones that weren't compatible. What I didn't know is that those fools who don't even match the criteria I specified were still going to attempt to make contact with me even though they weren't in the 80% percentile. Well I met one guy that appeared to have a good job, his own place, Lakers and 49ers fan (he gets a pass on the football team), and one child (teenager). I looked at his pictures and he was "aight". He messaged me online and we had a decent conversation. So I told myself give him a chance and give him the number and see if he's as cool on the phone as he is when typing a message. Uhhhh Not So Much! The conversation was like playing 20 Questions and it felt forced. Unfortunately I could tell over the phone he had no "SWAG"! So now I'm annoyed.

I knew I should have "trusted my gut" and stuck to what I know and like and that's meeting people in person! The purpose is to figure out if there is any instant chemistry, does the conversation just flow, are we compatible. I get none of these vibes from this man over the phone. But once again, I'm trying not to be mean but give him a chance so...

Fast Forward - I made plans to meet up with him on Monday evening because I thought my day was going to be uneventful. But that was wishful thinking and so I had to cancel, however I did reschedule for Friday evening. But at this point I'm just dreading it. Now I have to deal with daily text messages I have no interest in answering and getting pictures that I didn't ask for.

Wish Me Luck (or Pray 4 Me)...
I will definitely have to update my peeps on what happens Friday night...don't worry I'll let him down easy, lol (or maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised, who knows).

More SingleNFabulous Shenanigans to come in 2016...Stay Tuned...

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