Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Verdict Is in...

Hey Beautiful People,

So I finally went out with the guy that I met online. Honestly, I was dreading it. Part of me had already made my mind up that this guy was not my type.

Recap - When we were sending messages to each other through the online dating website he sounded cool. His profile picture was decent. I gave him my phone number and he called. The initial conversation was a little awkward but it ended okay. Every day thereafter he would text me. That shit got annoying. I wanted to respond and say “I’m working, leave me the hell alone!!” but I knew that would be rude. So I just stopped responding (I know…that’s rude too. But in my mind it’s less abrasive). I knew he’d get the picture. Although we missed meeting each other the first time around, I promptly rescheduled the meeting for Friday evening. I really just wanted to get it over with.

So here I am trying to figure out how to go out on a Friday night in my Uggs without giving the impression that I don’t care. Well I put a little more effort into it and threw on my Fergie ankle boots and I pulled off a quick casual look. Our original plan was to go to Mixology by the Grove but I thought the location was too far for me to get to on a Friday night in traffic after work. I needed a neutral place midway between the Grove and South Bay. So after consulting my “dating advisor” Brian (aka my co-worker)…

Sidebar – Who by the way told me not to go out with this guy because I already knew I didn’t like him and I was wasting my time. But I thought I owed it to him to at least give him a shot since I went as far as to give him my number.

…So Brian suggested I pick a spot at L.A. Live. I agreed that was a good idea. I decided that Rock N Fish would be a cool spot since I’ve been there before and it was nice and quiet. What I didn’t know is that the Lakers were playing at the Staples Center that night! Really?? We both were running late due to traffic. I got there first and reserved a table and he came in soon after. This place was packed. Apparently everyone was there to eat dinner before going to the game. Half way through our “date” everyone dispersed and the place became much quieter.


We were seated and my “assessment” began, Lol. He was cool but I wasn’t impressed with his gear (clothing or shoes). It’s a “first date”, first impressions are very important. But he did smell good so he gets points for that. The conversation was much better in person and it flowed. But I could do without him talking with his mouthful and small pieces of food flying across the table. There were also times throughout the conversation when he complimented me that I felt like he was trying too hard and was a little too eager to impress me. I guess I can contribute this nervousness (so he gets a pass). Overall, the best way I could describe this date is that “it was cool”. I felt comfortable during the date but nothing stood out for me. Man with a career, makes good money in his industry, lives alone and has one child/teen.

There was only one problem…I was not attracted to him! I knew this in advance but I was hoping that if I at least went out with him my feelings might change? Uh…No. I think I just made myself feel better because I at least gave him the opportunity to meet me in person instead of just judging him based off of very little information. Unfortunately because I’m not attracted to him I’m not going to waste his time or mines.

I know what I like... I’ve met guys in the past who have met my criteria and that’s how I know my standards aren’t too high (I just wasn’t “the One” for them). So lets be clear. I don’t just want a “nice guy” I want a guy who does it for me…I need up, down and around, even sideways (wink)!

You know…when he keeps you on the phone past your bedtime; when he texts you and you smile (and its not annoying); when he randomly pops into your thoughts throughout the day; or when you look forward to seeing him “any place, any time!” I normally don’t do this but uh…..Lol.

So I had to let him down gently!! He was workin’ my nerves and I needed to be honest with him. I’m sure he was disappointed (I could hear it in his voice) but I’d rather rip the band-aid off quickly then do like some women do and use him for what he can do for me! Not my style….

Looks like SingleNFab is still on a mission and I just have to keep going out so I can run into a man I really like…by complete accident (or so he thinks).

I’m going to focus my energy on my next Adventure

And that’s finding the Best Super Bowl Party In town????

 Let Me know if you have any Idea’s…..

Stay tuned...The Adventures of SingleNFabulous Must Go On!


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