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Soul Beach Music Festival ~ ARUBA

Hi Beautiful People,

If you haven't noticed I've been out the "social loop" recently. I haven't had any significant opportunities to really go out and meet people and socialize...until NOW...Memorial Day Weekend!!

I am currently sitting in Panama City Airport on a 4 hour layover leaving Aruba and so this gave me plenty of time to finish my Nourish Minds "Beliefs" Worksheet that Nikole gave me to reflect on my fitness goals while on vacation....and write this Blog.

My "partner in crime" Timi and I heard about the Soul Beach Music Festival when we were at the Essence Festival last year. So when I mentioned this trip to another friend of mine "Nikki" and she told me she went last year and had a good time. She  suggested Infinite Journey Travel - infinitejourneytravel@outlook.com to book our room at the All Inclusive Hotel Riu Palace Aruba in Palm Beach, Aruba. Now this sounded like a great idea because everything is paid for and the only extra money we would spend would be off grounds at the parties or off-site activities. So of course I tell my "partner in crime" Timika about this deal and her response is "Let's Do This! Turn Down for What", Lol

Our traveling crew consisted of - Me and Timika, Nikki and her daughter Shelbi, Abike and her hubby Ray and their friends Keenan and Ebony.

Day 1 - Thursday in Aruba

What a Great way to start my Vacation - COPA Airlines destroyed my "brand new" luggage on the inbound flight to Aruba so if you can avoid traveling this airline please do so at all costs!! #nobueno

We checked-in at The All Inclusive Hotel Riu Palace Aruba. I expected the Resort decor to be a little more modernized on the inside but I guess they put all their money into the pool because the view was Gorgeous!!   

The first time we tried to check into our room we found out they weren't ready yet, so we went to go eat. The second time we tried to check into our room we found out we had a King size bed. My documentation says 2 queen beds?? C'mon people get it together. Finally we got to our room, freshened up, changed clothes, went to eat dinner and headed out to the Hard Rock Cafe to party.

We reserved a table with bottle service and went straight to the dance floor! For our first night in Aruba it wasn't bad.

Day 2 - Friday
I don't know about you but I like to RELAX when I'm on vacation, so naturally I slept in and of course I woke up late with just enough time to eat breakfast "my favorite meal of the day". I finished right on time for my Massage appointment at 11am. This I thought would be the perfect way to start my vacation. Although I've had better accommodations my masseuse was very good. I came out of there feeling like a new woman and ready to go to the Beach Party with my crew. We had the bar fill up our personal tumbler cups (free courtesy of Infinite Journey Travel - shameless plug) with FREE alcohol and headed out.

It's approximately a 1 mile walk to Moomba Beach where we can rent an umbrella and beach chairs, lay out on the beach, eat, drink and dance on the sand. This event happens every day during Soul Beach Weekend and it's the perfect opportunity to meet new people, network, sun bathe and relax in the water.

Now I know my goal was to be "fit & fabulous" but that journey is going to be a little longer than expected. Thankfully I already had several cute 1 piece bathing suits on deck for every day at the beach. However, after seeing all the other people on the beach Timi and I observed that we weren't the only ones that were NOT 2 piece ready!!  We could probably count on 1 hand (maybe 2) how many fit bodies were at this event and they looked good! Although Timi is on the right track and did a good job reaching some of her weight loss goals. That's my girl she's been working on her fitness!! However, WE came to the conclusion that our #1 goal for next summer is to be apart of the 1% that had the "hard bodies" that belonged in a 2 piece bathing suit.

Friday Night we didn't go to a Concert but we went to the After Party. It was a big venue and the DJ was cool. There were a lot of people and we had a good time dancing and mingling. I met this guy briefly at the bar. He was cool and from New Jersey. He wanted to keep in touch but I told him I would see him around this weekend. I mean its Aruba and I have all weekend to meet plenty of guys!! I can't be tied down...I'm on vacation!!

Day 3 - Saturday
Saturday afternoon we headed back to Moomba beach to play in the water, do the "wobble" and "dougie" with the DJ and I tried to get a tan but I didn't have much success. It wasn't as hot as I thought it would be. So I'm sad I didn't come back nice and brown. But I enjoyed myself regardless and made the best of it.

Saturday evening we made it back to the hotel in time to freshen up, eat dinner and head out for some nightlife. Timi and I were not interested in catching a cab to yet another After party we just didn't think it was worth traveling that far and preferred to stay local so we walked towards the Hard Rock Cafe and realized that it was NOT crackin'. We then headed over to the "Sand Bar" across the street. Their set up was really cool and the bar was surrounded by sand with VIP seating and a dance floor in the middle of the sand. Timi and I met a guy at the bar who was real cool and proved that chivalry was not dead by offering us a seat and offered to buy us a drink. I was shocked! You know it's rare to find a man who offers to buy you a drink every now and then!! Timi got the 411 and told me he's in his mid to late 30s, is a practicing attorney in Atlanta and attends the Soul Beach Music Festival every year.

Sidebar - While Timi and I were hanging out with our new friend the guy I met at last nights party found me at the bar. I spoke and since we happened to cross paths again I gave him the hotel room number (and at some point I think I gave him my cell number too, I have no idea when that happened, Lol). He told me he was going to call me later on tonight and I told him I wasn't going to be up that late.

The DJ was great and had the music poppin' and our "new friend" was good company and came with great conversation. He was a really nice guy and he and I exchanged numbers. I didn't mind keeping in touch. HE has the potential to be SOMEBODIES husband, LOL. But my only question is... if you're an attorney "why haven't you fixed your GRILL ??????" He appears to be the (almost) perfect package but I strongly recommend Invisalign.

Don't get me wrong I'm not looking for someone FINE because from what I've experienced fine men can be a pain in the ass and a waste of  my very valuable time. But it is mandatory that I am attracted to you in some way, shape or form. This is not one of those relationships where I'm going to learn to love you...but I will give it a shot and get to know you as a person!

Okay so now it's 5am Sunday morning I'm in a deep sleep...who the hell you think is calling my hotel room at this hour...that fool I met from New Jersey, WTH??? I have no idea what our conversation was because I was half sleep and Timi was like who the hell callin this early in the morning?!!

From that point on I had a "stalker" - he called me at 5am, 9am and again at 12noon (but I wasn't at the room), the hotel staff left me a written message that he called. Then he text me and then called the room again!!

Timi couldn't take it anymore she picked up the phone and ripped him a new one, Lmfao!! I can't even say word for word what she told him but I fell out laughing... Here's How the Conversation went:
she asked him why he was so "pressed" and
he told her he hadn't slept since last night and
she told him to take his Ass to bed.
He asked her to pass on the message that he called and
Timi told him that she would NOT give me the message and would kick MY ASS if I even tried to meet up with him later. (Did she just low key threaten ME?? Lol)
She also told him to "wait" for me to call him back since he had called so many damn times. The whole thing was Hilarious!! He was doin the most!!

Sunday - I slept in, ordered room service, ate on our balcony with a beautiful view and relaxed. Timi and I went and hung out by the pool for a couple of hours, ate dinner and went back to the room to get ready for the concert.
Standing Room only Concert at Nikki Beach with SWV and Robin Thicke. Although I would have preferred not to stand it was worth it. The best idea yet was that the After Party was right next door to the concert...how convenient...thank you! Sidebar - you know I ran into my stalker at the party right, LOL. He tried to state his case but he just looked real thirsty and I could not longer even entertain the thought of talking to him anymore. I had to shake his ass real quick before he tried to hem me up all night.

Besides this minor distraction, Timi and I had a great time and partied our butts off dancing to MC Lyte spinning on the 1s and 2s...she was the best DJ all weekend.
On the way home we met a cool brotha from Oakland and he paid part of our cab fare back to our hotel. Our last night in Aruba was perfect! Timi and I agreed that if we go to Aruba next year we must plan to go on more travel excursions and participate in the water sports!!

The men were interesting and some were actually good company but did I meet
"THE ONE"...not so much...Did I run into "An OLD FLING", oh yeah...but nothing happened, LOL.

I couldn't help but compare this trip to the Essence Festival...did it compare...not by a long shot...BUT it falls into it's own category. It's a good trip to getaway and relax with my peeps!! I look forward to going AGAIN!!

Since there was no Love Connection in ARUBA...you know what that means...
The Adventures of SingleNFabulous Must Go On...Smooches

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