Sunday, July 20, 2014

Permission To Fail

Hi Beautiful People,

I know It's been a minute and I'm soooooo sorry for neglecting my Fab followers! Please forgive me! 

This weight loss journey has definitely been challenging & frustrating at the same time! I'm not giving up but I'm on a mission to figure out what works best for me simply by "trial and error" and it helps to talk to other people too!

When changing from one "learned" lifestyle and making an adjustment to a completely different lifestyle that is extremely "foreign" to you can be a MAJOR Struggle!

I want to "Enjoy the Journey" but I'm having difficulty with being "consistent" and as a result I consider myself a "failure". My coach Nikole explained to me that I mentally focus on what I believe to be a failure but I forget to celebrate the things I have been successful in achieving. 

I now make much better decisions in what I chose to eat and my water intake has increased tremendously. Who knew you are suppose to drink more than half of your body weight. The last couple of times I've met with Nikole my intention was to "quit" meeting with her every two weeks because I keep feeling like I'm wasting her time and I'm not accomplishing anything. Which she pointed out in our last meeting is really not true.  I have to acknowledge what progress I've made and give myself credit and positive feedback.

I'm glad I'm documenting this journey because when I finally come out on top I will be proud of myself and be able to look back on how and what I did to conquer this struggle!

Although this may seem like an extreme description sometimes this is how I feel.  Several things in my life, outside of my attempt to loose weight, are just not going the way I want them to. But you would never know it...because Black women are raised to be strong. We put on a happy face, provide support to everyone else first, neglect ourselves and ultimately know that we have no other option but to push through whatever personal struggle we are dealing with. Although I love being ME there are times when LIFE can just be overwhelming and I don't always know what to do. But you know what...things must change in my life and ME has become a PRIORITY!

So now that you know I'm still working on achieving my weight loss goal that means I wasn't very happy when I didn't loose enough weight before going on my Aruba trip!!
But that doesn't mean I didn't have any FUN...minus that damn STALKER!!

You definitely have to read the next Blog Post to find out about 
The Adventures of SingleNFabulous in Aruba!

Stay Tuned...My Fit & Fabulous Journey Continues...

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