Thursday, February 20, 2014

My Journey to Being Fit & Fabulous

Hi Beautiful People,

Let me start by saying this is probably one of the most difficult Blogs I've had to write thus far, probably because I'm forced to be very transparent about this topic. Some of my "fab followers" know that I've struggled to loose weight because I've written about it enough times in my Blog for you to know that "it hasn't happened yet", SMH. But recently, within the past few months I've been exposed to some really positive women who I truly believe are in my life for a reason.

Lets start off with my girl Taunya of Taunya Taylor Fitness. She is a Health and Fitness Coach and I've known her for approximately 8 years. For as long as I've known her she's always been fit and fabulous...even before & after having two children. Taunya has ALWAYS been supportive of me and is constantly giving me advice and ideas on how to eat healthier and examples on how to exercise properly. She never judges me and she's constantly motivating me to change my lifestyle.

Next up is Monisha at Moya Body Care in the City of Torrance and she believes in Alternative and Holistic Health. I met her through a coupon I purchased from Living Social Deals. From our initial meeting she was so positive and supportive that I couldn't help but to realize that she only wants what's best for me. She shows genuine interest in my health and wants me to Live My Best Life. Monisha has introduced me to the benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy and has educated me on a variety of supplements by Dr. Shulze's that I can purchase that will help my body function at its best.

Last but certainly not Nikole Seals. She is a trained Holistic Nutritional Counselor that Taunya referred me to and she is working with me in adjusting my "atrocious eating habits" (that's our big word for the day, lol). I've received nothing but positive and supportive information from her and as a result I am WAY more conscious of what I eat and how the decisions I make will effect me in the long run. Who knew that eating fast food all the time, working the night shift and NOT drinking water could do so much damage to the body. It wasn't until my body started talking to me (in more ways than one) that I consciously had to start making better decisions on what I was putting into my body daily. I'm so grateful to have Nikole's abundance of knowledge and support to guide me so that I can get back on the right track. 

You know how they say people have to hit rock bottom before they are motivated to make a change in their life. Well I think this applies to all people in all aspects of our lives. 

My rock bottom moment - One evening I went shopping for an outfit and I took several pieces of clothing into the dressing room with me and I could barely fit into any of them. I wondered to myself - How did this happen? When did this happen? Why did this happen? I was so disappointed in myself and staring into that mirror made me realize that MY very bad eating habits is what got me to where I am now. Although I knew I needed to loose weight I also knew it wasn't going to happen over night. In the meantime, I've figured out how to "camouflage" what I'm working with. As a result, I'm self-conscious about what I wear, what articles of clothing I choose for my figure and what compliments my body type. 

Well...I'M OVER IT NOW! I don't like how I look and I want to be able to go shopping and not have any problem getting into the clothes I try on. Now don't get me wrong I don't want to be a size 2 (no offense to the people who are), But I LOVE my curves, I just need to make them smaller and toned. I want muscle NOT fat! The Struggle is Real...
So now I'm on a mission. I'm not looking at a scale or doing any measurements. I'm just going to change my eating habits, start exercising again and PRAY, LOL. Because I'm going to need all the help I can get.

Now I do have a few hurdles to overcome - I have to get my digestive system back on track and I have absolutely no energy in the morning. But Nikole has a health and wellness plan laid out for me so I have to demonstrate some "will power" and "restraint" and "push myself" in order to accomplish my goals. There will be times when my work schedule will sometimes dictate my day, however I'm not going to let this stop me! My GOAL is to stop making excuses and FIND A WAY! I also have to re-educate myself on what the definition of HEALTHY is and PREPARE all my food in advance.

Now I'm not perfect and I am admitting now that there are going to be some times when I slip up and indulge. But hopefully as time goes by I will learn to be more consistent with healthy and less prone to slip ups.
The purpose of this Blog is for you guys to go on this journey with me to witness my transformation and hopefully inspire others to go out and accomplish their goals. 
In addition, I NEED you guys to hold me ACCOUNTABLE!

My Motivation right now - I have two trips coming up - Aruba in May and The Essence Festival in July. It is MANDATORY that I be comfortable in my skin by then!!

My short term goal is to loose at least 20 pounds by May 20th right before my Aruba Trip! 
I have exactly 3 months to meet this goal, NO EXCUSES!

Now here comes the hard part!! I have to show you a BEFORE picture of me. I went back and forth with myself several times on whether or not I wanted to post this picture. Ultimately I knew it would help motivate me stick to my goal.

Well here goes...This is a picture of me in a fitted dress (in all my glory, Lol). I do not wear fitted dresses for this exact reason!!

In May I will post a 2nd picture with me in this same dress and we will watch the weight disappear! 

This Blog Entry was Nikole's GREAT idea and she believes that if I put myself out there she knows that I won't want to let my readers down. I have a reputation to uphold...I AM SingleNFabulous but now I want to be FitNFabulous too!  

P.S. Maybe somewhere along this journey I will meet my Fit & Fine Husband, LOL. Hey.....this is my dream...don't judge me!

Let the FitNFabulous Journey begin...
Stay Tuned Beautiful People!

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