Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Ladies Night Out - Part II

Hi Beautiful People,

Going out with the girls was a great way to start off 2014. We were 12 deep this time and met up at the "#1hostess" house - Nicole. There were several women attending this event tonight who were "Ladies Night Out" virgins so we had to give then a heads up on what to expect. Everyone was really cool and ready to go out and have a good time.

Nicole provided light snacks for us - chips, guacamole and salsa and of course Alcohol. As usual, my ass was not prepared and hadn't ate any food prior to arriving at 6:30pm. I attempted to stop to pick up some fast food but I was running late (as usual) and every drive through line was packed because it was dinner time, so needless to say, my ass was starving. Thank goodness Nicole has a child because she always has the best variety of snacks I can choose from. Unfortunately, I missed out on the day she cooked (sad face) so snacks were my best friend. Of course, I made the BAD decision to have an alcoholic beverage ANYWAY (I knew I shouldn't have) as it ended up sitting at the bottom of my empty stomach most of the night. No bueno!

We called our favorite form of transportation - Uber - to give us a ride in 2 SUV trucks to drop us off at the Metro station in Culver City and we took 3 trains to Pasadena for dinner and music.
Sidebar - when we were riding in the SUV I realized I didn't grab my phone or a jacket from the car! My heart sank! Right at this moment in time I realized how much I depended on my phone!!!?? I was so sick. Every time I wanted to take a picture, google something or check-in on Facebook...I couldn't. I had to re-adjust real quick or I was not going to have a good time. I told all the ladies to take lots of pictures because I'm going to use them for the Blog. Of course they were so supportive and all agreed and I began to relax.

The train ride was fun except for that unexpected FALL...What had happened was...one of the ladies was trying to move from her seat to allow smaller children to sit down and as she got up the train started moving. The children were safely in their seat but she didn't quite make it to the next seat. But it was the smoothest fall to the floor I have ever seen, LOL. She kind of just leaned into it and made it look graceful. Another woman ended up helping her up and she got to her seat safe and sound. She did It for the Babies!!! LOL.

We had a "Meeting in the Ladies Room" at Union Station because we didn't need anymore "near misses" like last time (smile) But in case we did have one I was ready with my blue printed cape that opened up real wide in case I needed to provide some form of coverage for privacy (wink).

On to the next train and we arrived in Pasadena just in time to request a table for 12 at Mi Piace Italian Kitchen & Bakery. We relaxed in their bar and lounge area and mingled with a casual crowd of people already there enjoying a cocktail. Some of the ladies met a couple of cute white boys who were complete gentlemen and let the ladies sit with them - one happened to be a lawyer. Hello! It just goes to show you...we gotta get out more and step outside of our comfort zone! Unfortunately, no one made a connection.

After one round of drinks we were seated and commenced to order. I had lasagna and a house salad...it was interesting. The dining room was full of chatter as all of us shared our occupations, what's going on in our lives and the inevitable question for some us...why are we having difficulty meeting a man. Our girl Abike, offered a few of us some good advice. Remain open to dating, what you might think is "your type" may not be your type (I never thought of this one), pay attention to the signs a man could be trying to get your attention and give a guy a chance. Although you might think that he is not "the one" his presence in your life could be preparing you for "the one" who is coming in the future. Lastly, SELF REFLECT and try to decipher why men aren't approaching you (this one was specifically directed to me). So it looks like I have some soul searching to do. Male friends have told me, in the past, that I can be "intimidating" but I have no idea where that comes from...I'm constantly smiling, laughing and goofing around...You would think that this type of behavior would make me approachable. I can be reserved at times but thats only when I'm not familiar with the people or in a new surrounding but I warm up after awhile. Looks like I'm going to have to be aware of what I could be doing to give off this vibe. A little Self Improvement never hurts.

Dinner concluded and we moved on to Bar Celona Modern Spanish Tapas Bar for more drinks and dancing. We took over a small area that would fit all 12 of us and proceeded to show them how we get down, because "We Like To Partaaaaay!" Of course you always have one or two fools that want to come join the party. They either "old" (somebodies daddy) or "special" (drunk off they ass). And unfortunately we had to deal with both. The old guy wasn't too bad but the brotha who came over trying to dance in the middle of the floor made himself look a fool (because he really couldn't dance) and then had the nerve to get mad at us! The shit you have to deal with on Ladies Night Out. Unfortunately, I wasn't feeling good. I don't know if it was the food or the alcohol I had earlier but I wasn't able to dip it low like the rest of the girls so I had to sit back and relax. Overall, I think we all had a good time. Ladies Night Out is ALWAYS Fun!

Thank goodness for Uber because we had to go through a DUI Check Point on the way home and we was all good and tipsy and the Officers knew it! Lol Thankfully we all got home in one piece.

Thank you Karen for the Pictures!!! 
This Blog would be boring without evidence of OUR shenanigans!!
Nicole had some good pictures too posted on her Flipagram!!

The Rest of My Weekend:
Superbowl Sunday I went out with my girl Timika to Mr. Pockets Sports Bar in Manhattan Beach. Nice spot but boring people. By half time we were on to our next destination at Bugatta off Melrose in Los Angeles. That was a pretty cool spot with my type of crowd but that was a bust too...I didn't spot any potential candidates!

Sadly I didn't make any connections during these Outings...hence,
The Adventures of SingleNFabulous Must Go On...Smooches!

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