Tuesday, July 5, 2016

4th of July Weekend Activities

Hi Beautiful People,

I've been looking forward to this 3 Day Weekend since the last one, lol, because I've been trying to focus on gettin' My Life! Sometimes I just need that one extra day off to relax and be productive without any pressure. So guess what I'm doing...writing this Blog (wink). 

I must say, I am SOOOOOOOOO sad that I didn't get to go to the Essence Festival this year! I haven't been in a couple of years and I'm starting to go through withdrawals. But I also knew that this would be my year to lay low because I really needed to refocus on reviewing my financial & career goals and commit to living a healthier lifestyle.

We are halfway through 2016 and I'm beginning to feel like things are starting to fall into place. 

Since I changed job locations from Los Angeles to Santa Monica I've been blessed to find a co-worker, my girl Jessica, who is my "no nonsense accountability partner." We both know what we need to do we just need to commit to doing it.

Unfortunately, she is going to kill me because I went rogue this holiday weekend and indulged in all kinds of Food & Drank!! Lol

Sidebar - Ok so here's a little back story... Jessica and I both agreed that we were on a mission to loose weight. So 2 weeks ago we committed to making adjustments to our eating habits. She chose to do the Atkins diet, it has a lot of restrictions and is no joke but it fits her personality. When she commits to something she does it at 100%. Which is why she's a great person for me to partner with. When I make decisions about what I'm going to eat I hear her in the back of my mind and it motivates me to make the right choice or there will be consequences (Jessica don't play, lol).

I chose to get my meals prepped by EatNakedLA because I just don't have the time, the energy or knowledge on trying to figure out how to make healthy meals. So I'm leaving it to the professionals. That's my story and I'm sticking to it...Lol.

We also agreed to exercise during the week to keep us motivated. I can honestly say that I've done pretty good these last two weeks and my body feels much better. I've never had a problem committing to changing my eating habits, I have a problem with discipline and maintaining consistency. So I'll keep you posted on how I'm able to maintain this summer. I'm definitely on a mission...this weight has got to go Permanently!

Okay so back to my 4th of July weekend activities. Me and my road dawg Timi were planning to get into as many events as we possibly could but this time it involved partying with other people. Now Timi knows me very well and I'm real particular about who I hangout with because everyone isn't always on the same page. So this weekend was going to be REAL interesting.
First stop - Saturday The DoOver
Now we've never been to the DoOver before but I heard it was real cool so we thought we'd go and try it out. Timi and I met 2 other ladies at this spot and found the line outside to be out of control when we arrived. We started to have second thoughts about going in but when the line started moving we discovered the wait wasn't that bad. We got in and it was packed with a mix of all types of people. Unfortunately it was more young people then it was grown folks. We checked out the whole place long enough to have some tacos and a drink. Everyone in our party wasn't too impressed with the DoOver so we all agreed to check out the next destination...

Second stop - The Perch
Timi and I have never been to the Perch either so I guess this was a good time to go. We proceeded to go to the rooftop where we joined a small crowd of people and observed a beautiful view of downtown Los Angeles. Unfortunately there was no place to sit so we weren't motivated to get a drink and just stand around. Around this time we were getting hungry and it was about time for us to find some food. Since the last time Timi and I went out we tried to go to The Cork and were unsuccessful this was the perfect time to try try again, lol...

Third stop - The Original Cork Bar & Grill 
Good food, good music and strong ass alcoholic beverages! The seafood platter was excellent and a perfect way to end our night. 

It was at this time that Timi and I confirmed who all was going with us to Sangria Sunday the next day! I had already reserved a table for bottle service online that allowed 6 seats at our table. We had already confirmed, Me, Timi, my sis Keesha and Rhonda were going for sure. Timi also had a friend that confirmed she was going too! We just needed one more person. We had one more potential person who might be able to go but it was guaranteed. Whether this one additional person came or not we'd be able to handle bottle service with just 5 people because it wasn't that expensive (I've seen higher tabs). But of course it would be too much like right for everything to work itself out the way we planned it...

Sidebar - I sent everyone the detailed information on how much bottle service cost and clearly stated we need people who are not going to trip on spending money, willing to drink and ready to Dance! But of course no one can predict what someone else is going to do??

So Saturday comes and out of nowhere we had someone bail on us at the last minute...Are you fucking kidding me?? (excuse my french, but I was livid)

So let me be clear...we didn't have 6 people, but we had 5 and now we are down to 4, really? I hate being left at the mercy of someone else who commits to do something and then bails. This is why I keep my circle small and don't like dealing with anyone else that I'm not familiar with. 

Now that bottle service has increased per person it's no longer an option and we are paying $20 a head to get in with nowhere to sit...I'm pissed.

Well we still went because wasn't nobody gonna rain on our parade. My sister decided not to go because she just doesn't like to deal with bull$hit and she said that she will go with us next time when it's our own crew doing bottle service! So Timi and I met Rhonda at OHM Nightclub for Sangria Sundays. By complete accident we met a girl named Latasha while standing in line. Latasha turned out to be real cool and she just so happened to be at Sangria Sunday solo. We all ended up hanging out together. Latasha was able to get the hook up on a small table (no reservation needed) in the lounge area with "live music" and we ate, drank and danced. The crowd was "interesting" you know there's always some characters in the crowd but we had a good time anyway. We definitely have to find more spots to go to that exposes us to a more "diverse" crowd of people. 

As usual no luck with any potential men. I don't know what it is but I'm just going to continue to "do me" and keep going out and having a good time.

Stay tuned for more Singlenfabulous Summer Adventures...

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