Saturday, August 30, 2014

My 21 Day Detox was a Success!

Hi Beautiful People,

For once I'm actually posting a Blog ON TIME!!! LOL

So Fab Followers I believe you ALL are familiar with my struggle to loose weight. I think I've been trying to loose weight for over a year! I've tried every program you can think of but either it wasn't working for me or I wasn't trying to work with it.

Oh my goodness it's taken awhile for me to get to this point in my Fit & Fabulous Journey...and now I'm sooooo EXCITED to share the good news!!

Let's Reflect...
The reason why I knew I needed to loose weight was because of how I was feeling - I was sluggish, constantly oversleeping in the morning, I had no energy and I felt bloated all the time. Honestly, I was uncomfortable in my own skin...and I couldn't figure out why!! I was working with Coach Nikole and her suggestions helped jumpstart this journey but ultimately I strongly felt that something wasn't right with my digestive system! I knew something was wrong when I went out with a girl friend and I had a few alcoholic beverages and the alcohol "just sat" in my stomach. My body didn't absorb it, it just sat there. I should have had a hangover the next day (because I had a really good time, lol) but I didn't?? so I knew something was wrong. 
Fast Forward to Now!
I just so happened to be talking to my boss Corey D. at work who was aware of my struggle (we cool like that :) and he suggested I try Pure Proactive (Detox Program). I knew that he was on this program but I didn't know how successful he was in loosing weight because I see him every day. It wasn't until I saw pictures of him before and after that made my mouth fall open...I was amazed at what he had achieved in just 21 days. His success on this program alone was enough motivation to get me interested. He told me about the program before I went to New Orleans but I didn't want to start the program and then mess up once I went on vacation (N'awlins food, c'mon now who can pass that up). So I made sure I started right when I got back.

Please Understand - This program is no joke!! I said I needed structure but I really didn't know what I was getting myself into. Was it worth it, YES. Would I do it again, YES. I'm so excited about the results!

Phase 1

For the first 3 days I ate foods that were "energy loading" but I had to leave out carbs and sugar. When I tell you I felt like "Pookie" off New Jack City!! It was like I was detoxing off of a drug. I had an attitude, I was hungry and I had headaches. My new Coach Valerie (assigned to me through proactive) told me I was experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Who knew I was that addicted to carbs and sugars??? I've felt like this before on other diets I've tried but I always caved in and never completed the program. But for some reason I was fully committed to this program simply because I had proof that it worked.

The 4th through the 21st day I ate nothing but organic foods and took two release pills 2 times a day, prozyme pills at lunch and dinner and I also took zendocrine drops before each meal. The purpose of the supplements was to "RESET" my body: The release pills helped release toxins out of my body. The prozymes helped regulate my metabolism and break down food particles so that my body could absorb them. Lastly, the zendocrine drops helped support my digestive track.

The Hard Part...
I HAD to cook every meal and refrain from eating anything outside of what I cooked. There was a specific List of foods I could eat, including snacks. I almost DIED, Lol. I also ate at specific times of the day and that was really hard because life happens. So I had to put alerts in my phone and it helped me to make MYSELF a priority! It was still very DIFFICULT and Expensive too! I lived at Trader Joes and Whole Foods on the weekend. The creator of this program Dr. Ferro has a great quote he shares with us, "If we fail to plan, we plan to fail". I had to be prepared at all times when it came to my food. It took some adjustment on my part because I HAD to make things happen "failure was not an option"! So I did it.

Oh it was definitely a struggle. I complained to my sister/support system, I fell out on the floor when I was frustrated, cooked when I didn't want to, got an attitude when I couldn't satisfy my cravings and my sister had to talk me off the ledge a few times, BUT I stuck it out!

Now don't get me wrong there were times when I cheated. No one's perfect! But I did pay the price. It took at least 3 days for my body to get rid of the bad food and then I started loosing weight again. When this happened I was so disappointed in myself afterwards and it helped me recommit back to my program. Ultimately I could have lost more weight because those cheat days set me back...Lesson Learned!

When the 21st Day came I was so ready for this program to be OVER! I took before and after pics so I could see my true RESULTS. The number on the scale was decreasing and my clothes were fitting loose so I was definitely excited.

Well here's the Proof: 15 pounds lighter!

Although loosing this amount of weight so quickly may seem unorthodox. I truly feel that there were a lot of toxins in my
body that needed to be released that finally allowed my body to start functioning on a normal level again. I FEEL so much better. Now if I'd only go to bed on time...I'd have so much more energy, Lol. Now that my energy level is better I'm going to start working out again so I can maintain this weight loss and tone (I'm still working on my tummy & thighs). The next step is for me to invest in Phase 2 of this program to help me achieve these goals!  Wish Me Luck!!
If you want to take advantage of the Pure Proactive Program call 1-877-677-8767.
Stay Tuned...My Adventures of being Fit & Fabulous Continues...
this is only the BEGINNING!!

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  1. Wow ladybug you look amazing. I am so proud for you. As I read your blog I can sooo relate to how you have been feeling. My biggest concern is my energy level and I know that has a lot to do with my diet as well. I was working out until I recently got hurt. I wish you continued SUCCESS because you don't need LUCK!!!